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With the aim of letting the inside and outside of the country know the distinction of Taekgyeon and making it globalize, Chungju invited most prominent groups from home and abroad to Chungju martial arts festival and made them show their own martial arts since 1998.





* 2002

Inaugural meeting of World Martial Arts Union on October 2 in international conference room of Konkuk university, Chungju with 30 organizations from 28 countries participating, to find worldwide legitimate martial arts groups and , systematically develope the festival and make Chungju a mecca of martial arts.


* 2003  

The 5th Chungju World Martial Arts Festival, general conference(Oct. 1) and Academic seminar were held in Sangnok Hotel in Suanbo, Chungju on July, 2003 with themes such as 'Study on cultural identity of Chungju World Martial Arts Festival', cultural value of oriental martial arts', ways of improving the Festival', Influence on building young people's character' etc.


* 2004

The 6th Chungju World Martial Arts Festival was held in Chungju Sport complex on October 1~10, 2004 with 56 teams from 31 countries participating .with a theme of 'World Martial Arts meet 5000 years of national spirit' and the general conference was also held in Sangnok Hote of, Suanbo, Chungju on Oct. 5 for 150 participants of 36 groups from 33 countries to discuss main agenda, 'Establishment of World Martial Arts Academy', Distributing the Union flag to members, etc.


Academic seminar was held in the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security on June 30, 2004 with themes of 'Ways of martial arts contributing to world peace and 'our role for organizing World Martial Arts Olympic'.


Workshop was held on Oct. 5, 2004 with themes of 'Ways of revitalizing World Martial Arts Union(WoMAU)' and 'Effective participation &  management of foreign martial arts groups'. 


* 2005

The 7th Chungju World Martial Arts Festival and the 5th general conference(Oct. 4 in Chosun Hotel of Suanbo) were

held in Chungju on October 1~10, 2005 with 29 delegates participating to deal with agenda item 'Election of executive members'.



* 2006

The 8th Chungju World Martial Arts Festival and the 6th general conference (Oct. 2 in the city hall conference room)

   were held on October 1~7, 2006 with 30 delegates from 30 countries participating.


* 2007

□ Submit NGO application for operational relations with UNESCO on February 12, 2007

Visit to member organizations to be qualified as NGO in operational relations with UNESCO  on July 1st, 2007

□ Visit by WoMAU delegates to the 2nd UNESCO Intangible Heritage Convention on September 2~9, 2007

   to be qualified as an advisory body


The 2nd extraordinary session of meeting of Intergovernmental  Committee on February 18, 2008

□ A regular meeting of UNESCO NGO groups (Paris) on April, 2008. which WoMAU was invited to as an observer.

□ Visit to a regular general meeting of the states parties of convention  for the safeguarding of UNESCO intangible

   cultural heritageon June, 2008  

The 3rd session of regular meeting of intergovernmental committee - WoMAU on the candidate list of an advisory

   NGO on November 28, 2008.

□ The 7th annual general meeting dealing with agendas as 'Election of vice-president', deliberation on membership,

   membership dues and other presentation and discussions.

Visit to Kuala Lumpur, Maysia on Jan. 20 2008. ~ 27(7nights 8days) as part of consultative activity for Malaysian

   international sports event KIMAX. 



□ Request for Vendor Creation Form from UNESCO on March 5, 2009 

Visit to Moscow for attending the second open all-Russian Youth Martial Arts Games

   - 2009 on 5th to 15th September 2009.

The 4th session of meeting of ICH intergovernmental committee for activities of an NGO and the 35th session

   of the general conference on Sept. 28 ~ Oct. 2, 2009

□ The 8th annual general meeting on December 7, 2009

2009 Workshop- December 9, 2009


□ Visit the Youth, Sport and Physical Education Section in UNESCO to seek for cooperative ways

   in the field of Traditional Sport & Game(TSG) of UNESCO on February 5~11, 2010.

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